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Top Rated Buyer Experience…

Top Rated Buyer Experience…

We use a complex set of find instructions that operate in the background and bring great deal suggestions directly to your pc or mobile phone screen.

When clicking on our links be sure to look for our ‘Top Rated’ listings, these are identified by our ‘TOP RATED BUYER EXPERIENCE’ logo next to the item picture. This reveals that the item is top-rated plus.

The three advantages of a top-rated plus item are a minimum thirty day money back return policy, dispatching the item in one business day with tracking implemented and the knowledge that this item is from a highest buyer rated experienced seller. We list items that often have FREE UK Postage options.

Just Added:

‘Promotion’ will now be displayed at the top left corner of any items that our algorithm has calculated as useful to highlight. This could be for a number of reasons such as the item is trending, being promoted or simply deemed as worth noting. Make sure to take a good look at these items as they may well be more than worth your time.